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Jacobwfrank: Foto dnevnik jednog šumara

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Jacob W. Frank je fotograf  i šumar na čijim fotografijama možete vidjeti uglavnom pejzaže i sve prirodne ljepote. Veoma često putuje, obilazi destinacije koje su poznate upravo po svojim prirodnim ljepotama i ako ste ljubitelj prirode njegov Instagram profl ćete jednostavno obožavati.

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SHUTDOWN SLIDESHOW no. 12: @Rockynps may be a small park, but there’s a lot to explore in its roughly 250K acres. Compared to Yellowstone, Rocky is 1/10 the size but sees more visitors in a year. It’s biggest attraction for me is the alpine ecosystem. I LOVE hiking in the tundra. If you’ve never been above treeline before you’re missing out. The growing season is only about 2 months long so when the summer rolls around the flowers explode! What’s also interesting to me is that the treeline is determined by average year-round temperature, not elevation. In Denali the tundra begins at 3K ft elevation, but in Rocky it’s closer to 11K ft. That also means this ecosystem is extremely susceptible to climate change. As the temperature goes up, so does the elevation at which tree can take root. That means parks like Rocky, Glacier, Mount Rainier, etc. may look very different for the next generations. . What park next? @chaco_culture_nhp or @congareenps?

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