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Uživajte u citatima uz Instagram profil @cleowade

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Ukoliko volite čitati, a niste imali priliku da pročitate djela poznate američke književnice Cleo Wade, zapratite njen profil.

Nekada je da uljepšate sebi dan potrebno samo da pročitate pozitivan ili umirijući citat. U malo riječi, stane cijela mudrost, ako neko ima dar za pisanje. Cleo Wade ga definitivno ima, a dokazuje prodajući svoje knjige u velikom broju primjeraka. 

Na njenom Instagram profilu svakodnevno možete da pročitate citat, poglavlje iz neke knjige, poslovicu ili izreku. Zapratite @cleowade i uživajte. 




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There is a line from Heart Talk, that says, ⠀ “Not every ground is a battleground.” ⠀ The rest of the text on that page of the book says, the ground is not only the place where must fight for what is right, it is also the place where we are being divinely held up by earth. No human body can survive every day in the trenches. ⠀ It is important to embrace this global wake up call and activate yourself. It is incredible to see how many people want to learn and grow and change and protest and call their elected officials and have hard conversations with their family and friends. ⠀ Whether this type of life is a new life for you or not , I ask that you give yourself permission to pause. ⠀ Don’t stop. Pause. Rest. Reflect. Regroup. Replenish. Then keep going. ⠀ Know your battlegrounds but do not ignore your holy grounds. ⠀ The above text is a message from one of my best friends when I asked him to describe when he feels rested. ⠀ I share this with you in hopes you make your own list. Where do you feel rested? ⠀ Know those spaces. ⠀ We need to know where they are so we can find them when we need them. ⠀ I love you. P.S. I would love for you to share with me what makes you feel rested

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